Webinar On demand: Supply of Raw Materials for Rare Earth Permanent Magnets

Webinar On demand: Supply of Raw Materials for Rare Earth Permanent Magnets CTI Visual

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18 April 2024

Security and Sustainability in the Supply of Raw Materials for Rare Earth Permanent Magnets

In this web session the following questions will be answered:

  • Which heavy rare earth can be supplied by Iluka from Australia?
  • Where do they come from?
  • How does a fully integrated refinery contribute to a reduced environmental impact?
  • How long can a stable supply be guaranteed?

Rare earth mining and processing has a poor reputation for environmental destruction; and is an industry that is dominated by one country. Iluka’s rare earths refinery provides solutions to these two major challenges.

Australian-based critical minerals producer Iluka Resources has entered into a risk sharing arrangement with the Australian Government, which included a $1.25 billion non-recourse loan, to develop a fully-integrated rare earths refinery in Australia. There is currently no other comparable facility in the Western world.

The refinery will be capable of processing up to 23,000 tonnes per annum of separated rare earth oxides, with processing, separation and finishing all completed at the one location in Western Australia. It will be one of few facilities globally that will produce both light (Nd and Pr) and heavy (Dy and Tb) separated rare earth oxides, essential for the production of high-strength permanent magnets.

The state-of-the-art facility will be able to process a range of feedstocks, enabling Iluka to establish a rare earths processing hub in Australia. The initial feedstock for the refinery will be Iluka’s low-carbon stockpile of rare earths, which is currently the world’s highest grade rare earths operation. The presentation will include information on additional feedstocks that are being secured, including those mined using innovative mining technology developed by Iluka.

The closed circuit design of the refinery will enable the recovery and reuse of both water and reagents used in the processing circuit, dramatically reducing the volume of waste produced while also lowering the refinery’s processing costs. To demonstrate the overall lower impact of its rare earth products compared to many other producers, and to identify and plan for scenarios to reduce their impact, Iluka is completing a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for its rare earth products.

Beyond the production of rare earth oxides, Iluka is considering progressing even further along the rare earth supply chain, including rare earth metallization, an essential step in the development of permanent magnets.

  • Australia’s rare earths processing hub
  • Sustainable rare earths mining and processing
  • Diversification in the permanent magnet supply chain

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A where the expert will answer questions from the audience.

The expert:

Nuala Bertram Sales Manager – Iluka


Scott Binder Vice President – Engineering, Operations, and Technology – EXEDY Globalparts Corporation

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