Program 2022

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18 MAY 202207:00

Check-in & Welcome Coffee in the CTI SYMPOSIUM EXPO

Plenary Session

18 MAY 202208:10Key Note Speech

DOE transportation decarbonization pathways

  • Decarbonization challenges and opportunities
  • Role of electrification
  • Supporting resilient supply chain
18 MAY 202208:40

Our path to zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion

18 MAY 202209:05

(e)volution - Leading the way the world moves

18 MAY 202209:30

How fast/how far/which flavors – The transition from ICE to electrification

18 MAY 202210:20

Joint discussion with plenary speakers

18 MAY 202210:40

Networking coffee break and visit to the exhibition

Expert Discussion

18 MAY 202212:30

Lunch break in the exhibition

18 MAY 202202:15


  • 02:15
    Zero-emission vehicle trends in the medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicle market
    • Short-term global powertrain production forecasts to 2030
    • Long-term sales by powertrain outlook to 2050 for China, Europe, Japan, and the US
    • Forecast deep dive, answering critical questions to support the long-term forecast, including but not limited to: BEV vs. FCEV uptake, TCO and Paris Climate Targets

    Greg Genette, Senior Research Analyst, S&P Global, USA

    Challenges and solutions for dog-clutch shifting in electrified transmissions for commercial vehicles
    • Optimization of gear shift via multi body simulations
    • Model based software calibration
    • Verification by component and transmission tests

    Dr Martin Huber, Lead Engineer Component Analysis & Simulation, Driveline Development, AVL List GmbH, Austria

    ZF eBeam axle electrical drive system for light and medium duty trucks and vans
    • Electrification for trucks
    • Beam axle with integrated 3-in-1 electric drive system
    • Optional park lock and mechanical or electric limited slip differential
    • High efficiency axle mounted SiC inverter

    Dr Jörg Trampler, Program Director Electric Beam Axles, ZF North America, USA

    Networking time and visit to the exhibition
    Modular and scalable electric rigid beam axle for next generation trucks and SUVs
    • Knowledge transfer from traditional beam axle design
    • Prospects and use cases of e-beam vs independent axles
    • Optimizing for modularity and scalability

    Joe Palazzolo, Director, Light-Vehicle Electrified Propulsion Strategy, Dana Inc.

    Considerations relative to the application and integration of an e-machine and inverter in a beam axle application
    • Electric beam axle architectural options
    • Architectures, integration options and feature

    Craig Renneker, Vice President, DRiveline Engineering, AAM, USA

  • 02:15
    Value pool dynamics – ripple effects of accelerating electrification

    Dr Moritz Rittstieg, Partner, Co-Lead Center for Future Mobility, McKinsey & Company, Inc., USA

    North American powertrain outlook
    • Advancement of market electrification
    • Waiting for the other shoe to drop

    Michael Fiske, Associate Director, NA Automotive Powertrain & Compliance, S&P Global, USA

    Chances and risks for integrated supply chains and new entrants in the automotive battery cell industry
    • Opportunities and challenges for new players entering the automotive battery cell industry
    • How to participate in the battery supply chain that is filled with dominant market players
    • Well-to-wheel CO2 implications of the industry, with a focus on the USA

    Simon Buderath, Principal, Strategy & Technology, P3 Group, USA

    Networking time and visit to the exhibition
    General Motor´s ULTIUM advanced battery technology
    • Energy storage system architecture
    • Battery cell technology
    • Wireless battery management system

    Tim Grewe, General Director GM Electrification Strategy, General Motors, USA

    Potentials and limitations of power sources for electrification of land, marine, and space vehicels

    Prof. Gholam-Abbas Nazri, Technical Director of Energy Storage Systems, Frontier Applied Sciences and Technologies, LLC, USA

  • 01:45
    Increasing the power and efficiency of emotors with ajedium thermoplastic film slot liners
    • An alternative to nomex and laminates
    • Helping to increase copper slot fill
    • Increased thermal conductivity

    DeeDee Smith, Marketing Manager Emobility, Solvay Materials, USA

    Unlocking the benefits of air-core motors for the automotive market
    • Bringing rapid prototyping and power density to automotive engineers
    • Oil-cooling breakthroughs deliver substantial power density improvements
    • A new motor topology that eliminates loss, noise and unnecessary weight

    Paulo Guedes-Pinto, Vice President, Engineering, Infinitum Electric, USA

    The electric motor and its contribution to a sustainable e-mobility
    • Comparison of KPIs of several EM topologies incl. their contribution to sustainability
    • EM topologies and their contribution to sustainability
    • Sustainability and performance KPIs of different EM topologies

    Matthias Richter, Senior Manager of Electronics and Electric Motors Department, ZF North America Inc., USA

    Distributed High Density (DHD) winding technology for electric motors: updates and test data review
    • A new solution for electric traction
    • A flexible and powerful alternative to hairpin technology
    • Conceived for highly efficient motors at all speed ranges
    • Designed for lightweight and compact electric machines

    Kumar Rajasekhara, President & CEO, Marsilli North America, USA

    Networking time and visit to the exhibition
    Development of a high-performance six-phase e-machine with 48V
    • Challenges in development & quality assurance for a 48V 6-phase machine for >30kW
    • Six-phase, low voltage electric drive for pure electric driving
    • Elaboration on methodology and technology applied to assure maximum performance can be utilized

    Wilhelm Vallant, Product Manager Electric Driveline & Transmission Systems, AVL List GmbH, Austria

    High-speed production of traction motor stacks with bonding varnish
    • State of the art stamping of electrical laminations
    • Alternative joining methods for motor laminations
    • Special requirements when stamping

    Max Thieme, Sales Engineer, e-Mobility, Schuler Pressen GmbH, Germany

  • 02:15
    Advantages of seamless 2-speed e-axle integrated with torque sensor and multifunctional shifting device
    • Introduction of seamless 2-speed e-axle concept
    • PFSD as multifunctional and highly efficient shift actuator
    • Seamless shifting with magnetostrictive torque sensor
    • Verification test of seamless shifting

    Anthony Roman, Manager, Automotive Powertrain – New Energy Vehicle, NSK, USA

    Development of dual motor multi-mode e-axle
    • High efficiency system for long cruising range
    • Powerful driving performance at every scene
    • Compact design for flexible vehicle layout

    Atsuhiko Goto, President, UNIVANCE AMERICA, INC., USA

    2-Speed E-AWD: benefits and gear changing strategy for high system performance
    • Dog clutch system development with E-TECH applied on a rear axle
    • Re-use of components
    • Management of torque between front and rear to achieve high performance level

    Antoine Vignon, Strategy for Hybrid & Transmission, Renault SA, France

    Networking time and visit to the exhibition
    Efficiency optimization of EV transmission utilizing chain drive technology
    • BEV transmission ratio reduction: chain vs gear efficiency
    • Optimized location of chain and gear drives in multi-stage reduction
    • Simulation and test results of chain vs gear efficiency
    • Proof of technology through evaluation of demo vehicles

    Rich Love, Senior Engineer, Product Engineering, BorgWarner, USA

    High performance, efficient and sustainable electric drive systems for future e-mobility
    • Electric drive design attributes
    • System simulation for co-optimization of electric drives
    • HRE free electric drive systems

    Harsha Nanjundaswamy, Global Chief Engineer, Advanced Electric Drive Systems, BorgWarner, USA

  • 01:45Partner presentation

    Roadmap for a transition from empiricism to a data-driven understanding of gear reliability

    • Identifying gear durability factors which vary widely
    • Quantifying the variation of these parameters
    • Incorporating this data into gearbox durability simulations

    Matt Malanga, Engineering Manager, System Dynamics, Hexagon USA


    Simulation methodology for evaluation of end-winding spray cooled e-motor cooling strategies
    • CFD analysis for coolant jet design and operation
    • Understanding coolant flows in the end-winding volume
    • Particle-based CFD methods for heat transfer and coolant distribution

    Oliver Knaus, Skill Team Leader Solution Management, AVL List GmbH, Austria

    EDU NVH development and vehicle NVH integration including active sound design for BEV applications
    • Methodologies for electric drive unit (EDU) NVH development
    • Characterization of electrified drive units sound levels (FEV-EDSL)
    • Acoustic vehicle alert system (AVAS) development approach
    • Considerations for active sound design in BEV applications

    Alex Ford, Supervisor, Powertrain NVH, FEV North America Inc., USA

    Advanced electric drive modelling: sophisticated simulation methodology for thermal and NVH adaptive control
    • Temperature- and NVH-dependent dynamic control of electric drives
    • Overmodulation effect at high-speed operation on efficiency, losses and temperature
    • Cable length and parasitics influence on PI controller overshoots and over-voltages for full system
    • Optimization of NVH behavior through electric machine control calibration

    Inigo Garcia de Madinabeitia Merino, Lead Engineer e-Machine Simulation, AVL List GmbH, Austria

    Networking time and visit to the exhibition
    Validation of energy consumption vehicle model through sparse telematics data in combination with road sensors
    • Estimation of engine fueling map throug crowd source data
    • Sensitivity analysis and impact of vehicle parameters on estimated energy consumption

    Dr Andrej Ivanco, Team Lead, Engineering Data Analytics, Allison Transmission, USA

    EDU system NVH evaluation and degradation over lifetime
    • System NVH correlation
    • Challenges in planetary gearset modeling
    • NVH degradation simulation

    Andreas Puntigam, Technical Supervisor Transmission Simulation, AVL List GmbH, Austria

18 MAY 202206:00

Evening reception

19 MAY 202207:30

Morning Coffee in the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo

Plenary Session

19 MAY 202208:10

Next-generation electric drive modules for BEVs: Rare-earth free electric motors and state-of-the-art power electronics

19 MAY 202208:35

How Mercedes-Benz uses software to ensure the best electric drive experience

19 MAY 202209:00

Increasing electric drive unit power density with high-speed motors and next level integration

19 MAY 202209:25

Hyundai Motor Group commercial vehicles mass electrification

19 MAY 202209:50

CO2 regulations for the heavy duty sector and potential compliance approaches

19 MAY 202210:15

Joint discussion with plenary speakers

19 MAY 202210:40

Networking coffee and visit to the exhibition

Expert Discussion

19 MAY 202212:30

Lunch break in the exhibition

19 MAY 202202:15


  • 01:45Partner presentation
    Multi-speed transmission with uninterrupted shifting for EV & IVT for hybrid using Geneva mechanism
    • Need for multi-speed transmission that shifts uninterrupted
    • Need for non-friction dependent IVT for hybrid
    • Use of custom Geneva wheel mechanism in IVT and MSTUS

    Charles Clinton, Sales Director, Marketing, EcoNovaTech LLC, USA

    Development of a "New" CVT featuring high efficiency and wide ratio coverage
    • High-efficiency CVT with transmission efficiency surpassing 90%
    • Wide ratio coverage of 8.2 achieved without using an auxiliary transmission or a direct shift skeleton
    • Strong compatibility with downsized, turbocharged SUV & truck engines

    Kenji Kawazoe, Manager, Project Management Department, Jatco Ltd, Japan

    Variability of CVT extends the repertoire of the electric car
    • Multi-speed transmissions for performance, energy and comfort benefits
    • CVT e-axle for improved energy consumption acceleration elasticity
    • Energy consumption benefits up to 10% for delivery trucks and city buses
    • CVT e-axle cost compensation through downsized e-motor, inverter and battery

    Han-Hein Spit, Vice President Sales Marketing, Bosch Transmission Technology B.V., The Netherlands

    Networking time and visit to the exhibition
    Appropriate hard-finishing technology for e-drive gears
    • Process monitoring in gear grinding
    • Avoidance of NVH
    • New hard-finishing process for internal gears

    PhD Fabrice Monti di Sopra, Chief Technology Officer, R&D, Member of Senior Management, Reishauer AG, Switzerland

    Control optimization in automatic transmissions - clutch filling with reinforcement learning
    • Clutch filling
    • Artficial intelligence – reinforcement learning
    • Parameter-free optimization

    Florian Schuchter, PhD Candidate, Research and Development, Mercedes Benz AG, Germany

  • 02:15
    VCU as a cross-domain embedded ntegration platform for future automotive E/E-architectures
    • Evolutionary E/E-architecture for speed and efficiency
    • One controller – multiple independent software partitions
    • Motion integration platform

    Nitya Hadya, Product Strategy Manager, Robert Bosch LLC, USA

    Packaging & assembly trends for next generation power modules
    • Silver sintering and epoxy molding technology for next generation power modules
    • New designs, materials, and processes for assembly of wide-bandgap materials (WBG)
    • Unlocking better thermal resistance, performance and reliability for wide-bandgap packaging

    Patrick Huberts, Manager Sales and Business Development, Boschman Advanced Packaging Technology, The Netherlands

    Networking time and visit to the exhibition
    Si IGBT or SiC MOSFET for future main inverters for electrified vehicle traction: full spectrum analysis of materials, devices, systems, supply chains, and cost
    • Market forecast of global xEV volume, main inverter volume, power electronics devices, and substrate materials (Si vs SiC)
    • Comparison of Si IGBT and SiC MOSFET at various levels
    • Comprehensive supply chain analysis of inverters and upstream suppliers
    • State of the art technologies in inverters, and new concepts in high voltage system integration

    Dr Yu Yang, Senior Technology and Market Analyst, Power and Wireless, Yole Développement, France

    Beyond 100KW/L: A new modular and die agnostic approach to achieve next level inverter power density
    • Miniaturization and integration within the power module
    • Flexibility in power die technology, quantity and supply base
    • Thermal pathways: New methods to beat the heat
    • Liquid or air cooling with the same modular structure

    Ian Byers, Chief Product Officer, Marel Power Solutions, USA

  • 01:45Partner presentation
    Mono-stable and bi-stable electromagnetic clutches and applications in e-locker and e-disconnect

    Frank Keller, Senior Engineering Manager, Jing-Jin Electric North America, LLC, USA

    Novel multi-functional clutch technology for EV drivetrain disconnects
    • Evolution of AWD disconnects and the transition to EV Drivetrains
    • Challenges and needs for next generation EV Drivetrain systems
    • Controllable disconnect system with bi-directional one-way-clutch functionality
    • New multi-functional clutch technology for disconnect and multi-speed shifting

    John Jennings, Director of eMobility and Innovation, Amsted Automotive, USA

    Park lock and smart disconnect development
    • 2-speed EV-transmission
    • Layshaft architecture with powershift capability
    • Shift system with park brake and disconnect functionality
    • Dry clutch, dog clutch and OWC as shift elements

    Christian Schmidt, Project Manager Design, Passenger Car Transmission Design, AVL List GmbH, Austria

    Networking time and visit to the exhibition
    Innovative infinite variable speed drive system using fluid technology to meet the diversification of EVs
    • Torque converter system for EV realizes smooth shifting
    • Motor and INV load reduction and motor vibration damping
    • Verification results using simulation and demo car

    Katsuaki Waki, Asstistant General Coordinator, EXEDY Corporation, Japan

    Hall-based motor position sensor for electric mobility
    • Shaft rotor position sensor
    • Specific sinusoidal magnetization patter
    • Versatile solution with different mechanical integration
    • Sensor technology for a wide range of application in EVs and auxiliaries

    Gerald Masson PhD, Mechatronics Specialist, Moving Magnet Technologies, France

  • 01:45Partner presentation
    Victrex high performance materials enable improved performance and design freedom in e-motors
    • Enhancing reliability in magnet wire coating
    • Improving thermal conductivity with APTIV slot liners
    • Addressing higher voltages and temperatures with new bus bar insulation options
    • Insulation systems in high-voltage electric motors, inverters, and batteries

    Patrick Clemensen, Senior Technical Service Engineer, Victrex, USA

    BEV thermal management (r)evolution
    • Cooling control modules for complexity reduction
    • Diving into centralized solutions
    • Value on the automotive industry

    Nicholas Jordan, Senior Project Manager – Thermal Management Development, HELLA, USA

    An investigation into electric drivetrain unit cooling system optimisation using an advanced 1-D thermal analysis tool
    • An introduction to the thermal problem challenging engineers for EDU design
    • Presentation of a unique toolset built at DSD to analyse the thermal performance of EDUs
    • Explanation of the methodology utilised to rapidly analyse EDU reducing EDU development time
    • Several EDU case studies will be analysed to optimise the cooling system

    Michael Furness, Senior Engineer, Mechanical Engineering, Drive System Design, USA

    Networking time and visit to the exhibition
    Energy and thermal managementof PHEV and BEV
    • Overview of thermal requirements of vehicle system and sub-systems
    • Thermal management of key sub-systems and components of a PHEV and BEV
    • Energy flow determination and system optimization for overall vehicle efficiency

    Jonathan Palmer, Manager, Driveline Validation, FEV North America, USA

    Holistic thermal management systems and solutions for battery electric vehicles and their subsystems
    • Thermal management components and systems for all levels of integration
    • Increased thermal efficiency, optimized packaging space and overall cost reduction trough highly integrated solutions
    • Solutions specifically designed to increase charging speed and increase range in low ambient tempartures

    Brett Allossery, PMP©, Engineering Manager, Thermal Management Systems, Schaeffler Group USA Inc., USA

  • 01:45Partner presentation
    Presenting standard and new text procedures for electric vehicle (EV) drive system fluids (DSFs)
    • New specialized test methods for EV DSFs
    • Modified ASTM methods for EV DSFs
    • Thermal Management of EV

    Michael D. Warholic, Ph.D., Senior Technology Manager – Light Duty Lubricants, The Valvoline Company, USA

    Latest generation dielectric thermal management fluids for direct and immersion cooling: battery packs, traction motors and power electronics
    • Thermal management of battery packs
    • Direct traction motor and power electronics cooling
    • Functional safety of batteries of electric vehicles

    Tobias Bender, Senior Scientist, R&D, FUCHS Lubricants Co., USA

    Designing next generation electric drive unit fluid (EDF) for optimized efficiency
    • Fluid properties for enhanced thermal management and minimized energy losses
    • Driving efficiency through fluid design
    • How fluid and additive development works in practice
    • Enabling new hardware though fluid engineering

    Dr Lisa Thalen, R&D Group Leader, Driveline, Afton Chemical Corporation, USA

    Networking time and visit to the exhibition
    Sustainable EV fluids to enable a low-carbon future
    • Increasing efficiency with EV fluids
    • Formulating EV fluids for low carbon impact
    • Delivering efficiency gains with EV fluids while maintaining hardware protection

    Greg Seman, eMobility OEM Liaison, Americas, Innovation & Engineering, Applied Sciences, BP Castrol, USA

    Next generation high efficiency greases for EVs developed in racing applications
    • High efficiency EV and hybrid greases
    • Racing greases provide benefits for EVs
    • New greases reduce power consumption and extend range

    Jacob Bonta, Product Development Chemist, The Valvoline Company, USA

19 MAY 202205:00

Change to plenary hall

19 MAY 202205:05

Summary and closing

19 MAY 202205:30

End of the CTI SYMPOSIUM 2022


Dr Hamid Vahabzadeh

Strategy Advisor,
AVL List GmbH

Sylvia Zenzinger

Conference Director,
CTI SYMPOSIUM, Car Training Institute

David Howell

David Howell

Director of the Vehicle Technologies Office, Department of Energy

Kent Helfrich

Kent Helfrich

CTO and Vice President R&D, General Motors
President, GM Ventures

Micky Bly

Micky Bly

Senior Vice President, Head of Global Propulsion Systems, Stellantis, USA

Dave Filipe

Dave Filipe

Vice President, Vehicle Hardware Modules,
Ford Motor Company

Prof. Dr Uwe-Dieter Grebe

Prof. Dr Uwe Dieter Grebe

Executive Vice President – Global Business Development & Int’l Operations, Powertrain Engineering,
AVL List GmbH

Charles Poon

Charles Poon

Director, Electrified System Engineering,
Ford Motor Company

Prof. Prof. Gholam-Abbas Nazri

Lecturer, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wayne State University

Michael Maten

Michael Maten

Director of EV Policy and Regulatory Affairs,
General Motors

Jay Hwang

Jay Hwang

Senior Research Analyst, S&P Global Mobility

Ulrich Walter

Ulrich Walter


Ali Emadi

Ali Emadi PhD

Founder, President and CEO, Enedym Inc.,
Professor and Canada Excellence Research Chair Laureate, McMaster University

Alex Dolpp

Alex Dolpp

Head of Powertrain,
Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America, Inc.

Craig Renneker

Craig Renneker

Vice President Product Engineering – Driveline, AAM, USA

Jerome Gregeois

Jerome Gregeois

Director Commercial Vehicles Development,
Hyundai Kia America Technical Center


Mayank Agochiya

Managing Director,
FEV Consulting

Alexander Edwards

Alexander Edwards

Strategic Vision

David Schankin

David Schankin

Global Technical Lead and Engineering Group Manager – Driveline Systems,
General Motors

Brett Smith

Brett Smith

Director, Technology,
Center for Automotive Research (CAR)

Thomas McCarthy

Chief EngineerPowertrain Research & Advanced Engineering,
Ford Motor Company