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“Serial-parallel hybrid designs will become increasingly popular”

At the CTI Symposium USA in May 2024, Aditya Dattawadkar, Schaeffler, presented recent advances in hybrid architectures in his talk “Hybrids are Making a Comeback”. In our interview, we followed up by asking: What will tomorrow’s hybrid drives look like? Interest in hybrids has been growing again recently in the US, as well as in […]

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Interview “Digital Twin enables a whole new functional level”

At the CTI Symposium Berlin in December 2023, Dr Jörg Gindele, Magna Powertrain, spoke on progress in new electric drives. We interviewed him about new developments in hardware and software, functional integration on a higher software level – and the new possibilities that the ‚Digital Twin‘ opens up.

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JJE 18,000Nm 2-Speed Electric Beam Axle for Medium Duty Trucks

Ping Yu, CEO, Chief Engineer, Founder, Jing-Jin Electric Dr. Yang Cao, Transmission Senior Supervisor, Jing-Jin Electric JJE’s latest innovation, a 2-speed electric beam axle that was unveiled at the 2023 CTI Berlin symposium, has recently completed vehicle testing. The tests were conducted on two trucks at the JJE China test center track and at the […]

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A game changer for e-mobility: glulock® MD

Markus Lock, Head of R&D and Engineering Feintool System Parts Sachsenheim GmbH, Germany The future of e-mobility lies in more efficient and smaller motors. Rotors and stators — the heart of a motor — play the central role in any motor design. Feintool glulock® MD (Multiple Dots) technology removes longstanding limitations on rotor and stator […]

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The Hybrid was Never Gone

How is the electrification of light vehicles and trucks progressing? As the US CTI Symposium Novi 2024 showed, hybrid drives may be involved for longer than developers expected. Meanwhile, OEMs and suppliers are working tirelessly to make all kinds of electrified drives more efficient – and more sustainable.

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The Next Evolution in Multi-Functional Shift Systems for EVs

John Jennings, Director of Innovation and eMobility, Amsted Automotive The demands on Electric Vehicles (EV) powertrain systems continue to escalate to better meet customer needs – specially extended driving range and better overall driving dynamics – and Amsted Automotive is developing solutions to meet those needs. The latest evolution for next-generation EV drivetrain systems are […]

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Interview: “In E-Mobility, Performance doesn’t have to be Expensive.”

How do you make e-mobility more affordable? At the CTI Symposium Berlin in December 2023, we caught up with Thorsten Jablonski, Head of Development & Product Management Volkswagen Group Components. As he sees it, there are several levers: for example battery technology, electric drives, and leaner processes in development and production. On the product side, […]

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ElringKlinger MetaloBond™

ElringKlinger MetaloBond™ is a lamination stack technology using a full face glue system with high sealing capability to support direct rotor and stator cooling for increased e-motor performance. With increasing rotation speed and less installation space in advanced electric engine concepts, heat becomes more and more an issue.

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Multi-vehicle driveline fluids

A smart way to meet the service fill requirements of multiple OEM specifications. OEMs in North America are increasingly fitting stepped automatic transmissions with eight or more speeds into their light-duty vehicles as they look for fuel economy improvements. However, the wide variety of different types of transmissions in the light-duty parc means the number […]

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