The Expert Summit for a Sustainable Future Mobility

Every year, the international automotive community meets up at the International CTI SYMPOSIA in Germany and USA to discuss the best strategies and technologies for tomorrow’s car, busses and trucks. To reduce CO2 emissions drivetrain electrification and the use of renewable energies are in the focus. Efficiency, reliability and costs need to be optimized at the same time. CTI SYMPOSIA are premier industry meetings that cover all the key issues in depth.

The CTI SYMPOSIUM EXPO is a professional platform with unique cross-sector networking opportunities. Annually hundreds of delegates get latest updates on products and services, exhibitors show their solutions at their booths as well as during a ride & drive.

ElringKlinger MetaloBond™

ElringKlinger MetaloBond™ is a lamination stack technology using a full face glue system with high sealing capability to support direct rotor and stator cooling for increased e-motor performance. With increasing rotation speed and less installation space in advanced electric engine concepts, heat becomes more and more an issue.

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Multi-vehicle driveline fluids

A smart way to meet the service fill requirements of multiple OEM specifications. OEMs in North America are increasingly fitting stepped automatic transmissions with eight or more speeds into their light-duty vehicles as they look for fuel economy improvements. However, the wide variety of different types of transmissions in the light-duty parc means the number… Continue reading

More compact, more efficient, more sustainable, more affordable… what’s on your wish list for the perfect e-Drive?

Progress never stops. With electric drive technology evolving rapidly, developers can now meet customer requirements even more precisely and comprehensively, while higher efficiency also increases the performance and range of battery-electric drives. So what’s next? One thing’s for certain: With customers seeking more independence and flexibility, plug-in hybrid drives are staging a comeback.

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eS4500i: Highly Integrated Electric Drive Unit for Multiple Applications

Marco Silvestri, Chief Engineer, Dana Incorporated Across all our actions, we never lose sight of a guiding vision toward a zeroemissions future. This has powered our first-mover advantage in electrification. At Dana, we strategically invest in technical competence − designing, engineering, and manufacturing the components of a complete e-Propulsion system in-house. These innovations include efficient… Continue reading

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