The Expert Summit for a Sustainable Future Mobility

Every year, the international automotive community meets up at the International CTI SYMPOSIA in Germany and USA to discuss the best strategies and technologies for tomorrow’s car, busses and trucks. To reduce CO2 emissions drivetrain electrification and the use of renewable energies are in the focus. Efficiency, reliability and costs need to be optimized at the same time. CTI SYMPOSIA are premier industry meetings that cover all the key issues in depth.

The CTI SYMPOSIUM EXPO is a professional platform with unique cross-sector networking opportunities. Annually hundreds of delegates get latest updates on products and services, exhibitors show their solutions at their booths as well as during a ride & drive.

Vehicle Motion Control Through Advanced Wheel Torque Management

All-wheel drive electrification benefits dynamics, safety, efficiency, and convenience. Besides an advanced drive architecture, this requires consequent functional integration through software. In electric all-wheel drives (eAWD), functions are increasingly defined through software. Magna improves efficiency as well as drivability through the ‘Magna Vehicle Motion Control’. This software-based system includes a control loop with five elements:… Continue reading

Tomorrow‘s Battery Systems in Terms of Integration and Charging Concepts

To scale up BEVs, affordability and efficiency are key. Intelligent vehicle architectures and battery systems reduce cost and enhance customer experience. Vehicle price, range and charging experience are critical decision factors for buyers and therefore market success of BEVs. With the new modular e-drive system (MEB) Volkswagen designed a platform for purely electric vehicles. The… Continue reading

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