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Post Show Report CTI Visual

The Powertrain as an Intelligent System

The automotive world is changing, and the CTI Symposium is helping to drive the transformation. Where will the boundaries of powertrains lie in future? While powertrains will still be centre stage of the Symposium, the scope will expand. Artificial intelligence will play a growing role, and so will the provision of energy sources. The 22nd […]

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The Automotive Industry Drives Sustainability

The days of viewing the powertrain as a system on its own are gone. As the 21st CTI Symposium in Berlin showed, the challenges even extend well beyond the vehicle itself. Software and networking play an increasingly central role; circular economy and social responsibility are extending the responsibilities of OEMs and suppliers; and competition for […]

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Event Report 20th CTI Symposium Germany

Do we need plug-in hybrids, or are they an interim solution at best? At the 20th CTI Symposium „Automotive Drivetrains Intelligent Electrified“, that was just one of the topics up for lively and controversial discussion. One important factor here will be which ‘green’ energy sources will be available at all.

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