Abstract: Innovative electrified transmissions for next generation mobility

As a leading global transmission provider, ZFs experience in electrified planetary and dual-clutch transmissions has helped he industry transition to hybrid powertrains. The concept of the new, 4th generation 8HP planetary transmission was first presented at CTI in 2018. Now, two years into development and two years before the SOP, ZF presents an insight into two variants: a 48V mild-hybrid and a high-voltage plug-in hybrid application. This will include a look into the power electronics, which are integrated in the transmission, and improved e-motor technology. ZFs goal is to develop highly modular transmissions that allow OEMs to choose among non-electrified, 48V MHEV and high-voltage PHEV applications with as many shared components as possible in order to achieve economies of scale and cost efficiency, while providing the flexibility to choose electrification levels according to regional regulations and market demands. Finally, ZF will share a prediction of future market shares and the benefit of a PHEV in real-world use in comparison to a long-range BEV.