Take your business to a new level

Take your business to a new level

A community is all about networking. That’s why CTI SYMPOSIUM USA DIGITAL especially focuses on targeted and interest-based linking with participants. Take this opportunity to network with your target group for valuable contacts. Insights and advantages of the new digital platform will include:

Personalised Program
Select your preferred lectures and compile your personalised program. Add them to your calendar and receive reminders.

Virtual 1-on-1 meetings and face-to-face video calls. Matchmaking tools to find your dedicated peers arranging appointments. Speed Dating – interest-based chat or meeting arrangements.

Value Added
Live and interactive, and on-demand for extended availability of content.

Timetable adapted for optimal online participation and networking from office, home or on the go.

Digital Product Placement
Multiple presentation options for your products and company via video, pdf or live presentation. Networking in combination with automatic matching for targeted contacts.

Live and On Demand
Don‘t miss content: Extended availability of documents as well as live and prerecorded lectures during & after the event (according to speaker´s permission).

  • 8 Plenary Speeches
  • 2 Panel Discussions
    Day 1: Battle between BEV and Hybrid
    Day 2: Is 100% BEV a Reality for the Future?
  • Deep Dive Technical Sessions
  • International Delegates

Entertaining Formats With Valuable Insights

Live Program // Key Note Speeches // Expert Discussions // Analysis // Latest Technology Lectures // Specialist Comments // Active Audience Involvement // Suppliers Product Presentations and many more.