Interview with the Chairman of the CTI SYMPOSIUM USA Dr Hamid Vahabzadeh, Strategy Advisor, AVL List GmbH about the upcoming event 2021

The target is to put us on an irreversible path to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and electrification is the name of the game!


How will surrounding conditions generally change with the new administration?
“The new Biden administration is strongly supporting clean renewable energy and green environment technologies. The target is to put us on an irreversible path to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. One major strategy is a strong support for developing the infrastructure needed for electric vehicle development and its wide deployment. “

How do the OEM´s product lines change?
“When we talk about net-zero emissions, electrification is the name of the game and the end game seems to be the battery electric vehicle technology. This is what most, if not all, OEMs are actively working on. While many companies have developed and produced a wide variety of electrified drivetrains for their hybrid electric vehicles leveraging their existing ICE based platforms, they are actively developing pure battery electric vehicles to achieve the net-zero emission target. One of the most difficult applications to tackle is the light and medium duty truck applications due to their payload and towing requirements, and yet, most OEMs have announced production plans for such vehicles. This shows the wide spectrum and scalability of the technology.”

What are the suppliers contributions?
“Major investments and developments in the battery technology has resulted in significant improvements in the battery capacity, density, and cost. In addition, development of new electric motor concepts integrated with efficient and innovative gear boxes along with new power electronics and inverters have resulted in far more efficient e-Axles and drivetrains enabling very powerful vehicles with high performance, great drivability and sufficient range.”

How do you see the market acceptance for this new generation of vehicles?
“The recent surge in the market capitalization of the new companies producing only battery electric vehicles to the point that some have passed the combined market value of many traditional vehicle manufacturers indicate that the market is also very enthusiastic about this technology and foresee a bright future for it.”

What will be discussed at the CTI SYMPOSIUM USA 2021?
“We will have most major OEMs, suppliers, academia and government agencies showcasing the latest and the best technologies, strategies, market trends and requirements focused on conventional and electrified drivetrains, pure electric drivetrains, subsystems, and most enabling technologies and tools during the next CTI-USA. “


During the CTI SYMPOSIUM USA 2021 hundreds of international experts will gather to discuss the most current solutions, strategies and findings. The exchange of experiences and opinions will take place during a highly informative lecture program and panels and continue in the exhibition, breaks and informal gatherings in the morning and afternoon.

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