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News: CTI Symposium Germany

eFluid Formulation Balance & Challenges in Electrified Commercial Vehicles

Andrew Wood, Driveline Fluids Technologist, Infineum UK Ltd Calum Sugden, Driveline Fluids Technologist, Infineum UK Ltd The transportation industry is working to decarbonise, and commercial vehicle manufacturers are exploring a range of low and zero carbon propulsion options, including electrification. New opportunities to formulate tailored driveline eFluids are emerging, as the electrified truck and bus…

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The Powertrain as an Intelligent System

The automotive world is changing, and the CTI Symposium is helping to drive the transformation. Where will the boundaries of powertrains lie in future? While powertrains will still be centre stage of the Symposium, the scope will expand. Artificial intelligence will play a growing role, and so will the provision of energy sources. The 22nd…

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Unlocking the Key to Seamless EV Driveline Disconnects

John Jennings, Director of Innovation and eMobility, Amsted Automotive The future of vehicle propulsion is not simply a trending topic. It’s a global reckoning, as well as a global opportunity for revolutionary advances in powertrain and driveline technologies. Next-generation technology is at the forefront, and leading the way is Amsted Automotive with its Dynamic Controllable…

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Increasing BEV Performance without Compromising Efficiency

Dr. Jörg Gindele, Senior Director Business Expansion & Transformation, Magna Powertrain Other than combustion engines, electric motors benefit from up- instead of downsizing. When intelligently combining them in an all-wheel drive, efficiency can be further increased, and especially by implementing a ‘complementary’ e-drive topology.

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Interview: Full Car Computer Could be a Reality by 2027

Patrick Leteinturier

As electrification progresses, in-vehicle hardware and software architectures will evolve from distributed electronics to a “full car computer and zonal” model. We spoke with Patrick Leteinturier, Fellow Automotive Systems, Infineon Technologies, about these new architectures, new semiconductor materials, and the central role of “motion control”.

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Vehicle Motion Control Through Advanced Wheel Torque Management

All-wheel drive electrification benefits dynamics, safety, efficiency, and convenience. Besides an advanced drive architecture, this requires consequent functional integration through software. In electric all-wheel drives (eAWD), functions are increasingly defined through software. Magna improves efficiency as well as drivability through the ‘Magna Vehicle Motion Control’. This software-based system includes a control loop with five elements:…

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Tomorrow‘s Battery Systems in Terms of Integration and Charging Concepts

Recording 10 November 2023 To scale up BEVs, affordability and efficiency are key. Intelligent vehicle architectures and battery systems reduce cost and enhance customer experience. Vehicle price, range and charging experience are critical decision factors for buyers and therefore market success of BEVs. With the new modular e-drive system (MEB) Volkswagen designed a platform…

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Dumarey Powerglide: Supplier of drivetrain solutions and components for sustainable mobility

Dumarey Powerglide specializes in crafting advanced automotive products, including automatic transmissions, eAxle reducers and precision mechanical components (notably gears, shafts and housings). With a heritage spanning over five decades, we collaborate with clients such as GM, BMW, Stellantis, SAIC, Changan, and trusted suppliers like ZF, Marelli Electric Powertrain, and Nidec PSA E-Motors.

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