CTI is delighted to welcome Punch Powertrain as a long-standing partner once again at the Digital Edition of the European CTI Symposium

“As a global supplier of innovative and fuel-efficient powertrain solutions, we believe that CTI Berlin is an excellent platform to showcase our latest solutions and exchange ideas with market leaders. A constant dialogue is vital to grasp the ever-changing trends in the dynamic automotive market. CTI Berlin represents an ideal place for us to follow the latest trends in the field of transmission and be an actor of change. Closely monitoring and adapting to the market, our agile teams develop differentiating technologies to anticipate our customer needs. Once more, we are excited to participate in this great event. “

mazyoerSebastien Mazoyer
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

“Highly efficient and affordable electric drive axles are essential for the mass adoption of electric vehicles, whether it is a battery electric vehicle, plug-in hybrid vehicle or fuel cell vehicle.”

Said Karel Vergote, Global Technology & Innovation Leader, Punch Powertrain, who presented during CTI SYMPOSIUM USA 2020 in October.

“The e-drive axle provides the transfer from electrical power into mechanical power and typically consists of an electric motor, inverter and a single speed transmission. The efficiency of the complete unit is a key aspect of optimization, as it affects electrical driving range, while reducing material and manufacturing costs and make electric vehicles more affordable for the broad public.

To address this market need, a new 150kW e-drive axle for passenger cars was developed. We used a holistic approach to optimize the system for cost and efficiency. Co-design methodology was applied to make system level assessments within the development taking into account hardware as well as control parameters. The integration of motor, inverter and transmission leads to benefits to the system in terms of efficiency, cost and power density. Its compactness renders the new e-drive axle to be applicable both as a front and rear axle drive. The design methodology was applied to a specific case, but the principles are also valid for other types of e-drive developments.”

The system holds further interesting aspects which will be presented during CTI SYMPOSIUM EUROPE 2020 in December. We are looking very much forward to the presentation of Joris Bronckaers, Systems Engineer.