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eS4500i: Highly Integrated Electric Drive Unit for Multiple Applications

Marco Silvestri, Chief Engineer, Dana Incorporated Across all our actions, we never lose sight of a guiding vision toward a zeroemissions future. This has powered our first-mover advantage in electrification. At Dana, we strategically invest in technical competence − designing, engineering, and manufacturing the components of a complete e-Propulsion system in-house. These innovations include efficient […]

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JJE 2-Speed Electric Beam Axle for Medium Duty Truck

Ping Yu, CEO, Chief Engineer, Founder, Jing-Jin Electric Dr. Yang Cao, Transmission Senior Supervisor, Jing-Jin Electric The electrification of medium duty truck grows rapidly. JJE’s newest electric beam axle family can cover up to 11T (or class 6 in North America) trucks, including single-speed and  2-speed systems. Multiple advanced technologies are integrated into the electric […]

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Overcoming Challenges to High-Speed Electric Motors

Craig Renneker, Vice President Innovation, AAM While the EV growth rate remains uncertain, there is little doubt that the use of automotive electric drive units must drastically increase to meet global climate objectives. This requires mass market acceptance across the full range of vehicles − size and price. A major enabler to reaching more customers […]

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Interview with Thorsten Jablonski, Head of Technical Development and Product Management – Volkswagen Group Components

“In E-Mobility, Performance doesn’t have to be Expensive.” How do you make e-mobility more affordable? At the CTI Symposium Berlin in December 2023, we caught up with Thorsten Jablonski, Head of Development & Product Management Volkswagen Group Components. As he sees it, there are several levers: for example battery technology, electric drives, and leaner processes […]

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A Game-Changing Solution for OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers:

Pressure Equalization Element Protects Transmissions During Water Crossings Volker Buchmann, Business Development Manager, Konzelmann In a world where extreme weather conditions and waterrelated challenges have become commonplace, the automotive industry faces a pivotal question: How can we equip vehicles for water crossings efficiently while saving time and resources? The answer lies in a groundbreaking innovation […]

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JTEKT Ultra Compact Products for Further eAxle Improvement

Makoto NISHIJI, Chief Engineer Driveline CE Dep’t, Automotive Business Unit, JTEKT Corporation JTEKT contribution for e-Drive system The automotive industry is developing technologies to respond to the once-in-a-century transformation for realizing a carbon-neutral, recycling-oriented, safe and comfortable society. As the powertrains of automobiles become electrified, the requirements for the e-motor based driveline systems and units […]

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eFluid Formulation Balance & Challenges in Electrified Commercial Vehicles

Andrew Wood, Driveline Fluids Technologist, Infineum UK Ltd Calum Sugden, Driveline Fluids Technologist, Infineum UK Ltd The transportation industry is working to decarbonise, and commercial vehicle manufacturers are exploring a range of low and zero carbon propulsion options, including electrification. New opportunities to formulate tailored driveline eFluids are emerging, as the electrified truck and bus […]

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The Powertrain as an Intelligent System

The automotive world is changing, and the CTI Symposium is helping to drive the transformation. Where will the boundaries of powertrains lie in future? While powertrains will still be centre stage of the Symposium, the scope will expand. Artificial intelligence will play a growing role, and so will the provision of energy sources. The 22nd […]

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Unlocking the Key to Seamless EV Driveline Disconnects

John Jennings, Director of Innovation and eMobility, Amsted Automotive The future of vehicle propulsion is not simply a trending topic. It’s a global reckoning, as well as a global opportunity for revolutionary advances in powertrain and driveline technologies. Next-generation technology is at the forefront, and leading the way is Amsted Automotive with its Dynamic Controllable […]

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