Fisker Automotive and their 40.000 dollar electric car for the mass market

The American automobile manufacturer Fisker Automotive, otherwise known for its luxury cars, plans to launch an electric car for around 40.000 dollars in 2021. Anyone wanting to drive a car with the logo so far had to dig deep in their pockets. The best known model, the Fisker EMotion, costs around 129.000 dollars for the basic version and can be preordered online. Besides the hybrid, it would be the second car in the pipeline for the Californian company.An electric car for around 40.000 dollars is expected to come on the market in 2021, announced the head of the company Henrik Fisker in talks with the magazine EDISON from the publishing group Handelsblatt. The former niche manufacturer intends to compete primarily with the car manufacturer Tesla. The aim is to achieve a production rate of 250.000 vehicles by 2025. The former BMW designer promises a unique design with lithium- ion battery, which can be generated by everyone. “Our goal is to bring an affordable, high-volume vehicle on the market as soon as possible.The EMotion could either be launched together with, or after the high-volume vehicle. By all means, we would like to concentrate our efforts mainly on the high-volume vehicle.” – Henrik Fisker, CEO Fisker Inc.

Find out more about what the new mid-range car will look like, which technology will be used and what legal framework Fisker is aiming for in future from our partners at Edison!

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