Masterpiece 9-Speed KATE R932 Automatic Transmission Born for Brand New Luxury Vehicles

KATE R932, the first nine-speed planetary automatic transmission built specially without torque convertor, is making its world’s debut
in a new luxury passenger vehicles under the brand AURUS.

Within the next year different types of vehicles, such as sedan AURUS SENAT, SUV AURUS KOMMENDANT and MPV AURUS ARSENAL will be presented to wide public. All these vehicles are built on a unified hybrid modular platform with 598 hp (880 Nm) V8 engine paired with 62 hp E-motor and 9-speed automatic transmission, which transmits the torque through the transfer case to front and rear axle as all vehicles are equipped with full wheel drive systems.

KATE R932 offers an incredible ratio spread of 8.83 for gear one to nine, which allows to reach higher driven speeds at lower engine speeds for even greater comfort. In practice this realises into being able to drive at 120 kph (75 mph) in 9th gear with an engine speed of around only 2250 rpm, for example, as well as the overall reduction in engine speed allows to get a wonderful NVH inside and outside comfort, which is mandatory for F-class vehicles. Nowadays everyone realises his responsibility for the future of our whole planet. Sustainable Development Goals set by United Nations General Assembly help us to understand new legislative restrictions, which guide automotive industry. Fuel consumption and environmental pollution are the main drivers for KATE development of new transmissions. For this reason, KATE R932 with an extended in comparison to other transmissions ratio spread allows to keep combustion engine in its minimal fuel consumption zone as much as possible during the drive time and gives the opportunity to the whole drivetrain to be at the highest level of energy efficiency.

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