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Interview with Dr Jörg Gindele (Magna Transmission Systems) – “Exploring the Limits of Technology”

The new 8DCL900 is more than just a highlight in supercar transmission development. As our interview with Dr Jörg Gindele shows, taking technology to the limits can benefit large-scale production too. Mr Gindele, the new 8DCL900 Performance Dual Clutch Transmission you and Ferrari co-presented at CTI Berlin has a proven predecessor: the 7DCL750. Why the…

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Magna’s Modular and Scalable 48 V Platform eDrive Solutions

Magna uses a scalable set of building blocks to create complete powertrain systems for pure electric and hybrid electric vehicles, covering the full range of system architectures from 48 V to 800 V. Cutting edge virtual methods including artificial intelligence algorithms for predicting performance-, efficiency-, durability-, NVH-, thermal- and EMC-attributes are used in an early…

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Advanced e-Fluids for mobility on land, sea and in space

The world of transport is going electric and e-fluids have a vital role to play. EVs play a key part in the mobility revolution and the pathway to decarbonizing transport. Castrol’s e-Fluid expertise extends across land, sea and even space. In space, Castrol greases to help keep its $ 820 million NASA InSight Mars Lander…

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eDMT for Commercial Vehicle Applications

eDMT – electric Dual Motor Transmission Electrification is a growing trend in all vehicle industries worldwide. This trend is especially prominent in the commercial vehicle industry with the rate of electric city buses having reached up to 80% in China.

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“It’s the Ecosystem that Counts in E-Mobility”

There’s more to e-mobility than just drive electrification alone. It’s an ecosystem where infrastructure, connectivity, HMI, ADAS, security, etc. all interact as a system.

We asked Stephan Tarnutzer, President, AVL Powertrain Engineering Inc., what that means for the work of OEMs, suppliers and engineering service providers.

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Electric Vehicle Fluids

With the rise of hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs), the automotive industry is going through one of the most profound shifts in its history. For consumers, the headlines are generally about how automakers are going green, which is undoubtedly positive news.

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