Statement of experts from PUNCH Powerglide about the CTI Symposium and electrification

”The CTI Symposium is for us PUNCH Powerglide, one of the few independent gearbox manufacturers, a must-attend event for meeting and networking with important decision makers across the transmission and drivetrain world in the automotive industry. Participating at the European edition of the Symposia is of key importance for us, since we want to strengthen the development of future products in the European Market.”

nassDr. Oliver Nass
Director Sales & Marketing

”Electrification is a great challenge for all players in the automotive industry. There is no single solution being able to meet all customer’s requirements and needs. PUNCH Powerglide has adapted this reasoning to its own product development and stands as a partner for different eDrive concepts: from modular solutions where we supply for example the gears, the shafts and the housings up to integrated solutions that include the electric motor, the inverter and the gearbox. ”

lothWolfgang de Loth
Director Research & Development and New Business Development
Punch Powerglide