Innovative and cost-effective solutions for a new generation of vehicles – shape the Future with Feintool.

Feintool masters the technologies needed to manufacture electric drive systems – whether battery or hydrogen-powered. We develop and produce components that will be used in the next generation of vehicles.

Feintool is a highly regarded partner for trendsetting solutions and cost-effective innovations. Alongside fineblanking and forming, our core areas of expertise are incredibly diversified. We also specialize in engineering and manufacturing high-precision rotor and stator stacks and bipolar plates, which are needed not only in the field of e-mobility but also in industrial applications, power generation, power distribution, as well as in transportation and robotics.

Our mission is to shape the transformation towards a new era of mobility with our key technologies. Feintool supports and guides its customers as an experienced and reliable supplier to ensure that this transformation will be successful. We have the expertise to apply our innovative capabilities to the challenges that lie ahead – in a cost-effective, precise, and timely manner. We always stay one crucial step ahead – take this step with us.


E-mobility requires materials and technologies to meet both new and high demands. Our products are the keys to success in this respect, because they are built for maximum competitiveness and cover a wide range of applications. We offer the right solution no matter the quantity. In combination with our services along the entire value chain, we give our customers that crucial competitive edge.


 Our key technologies enable a mix of drive systems – for vehicle systems today and for systems that will be installed in vehicles ten years from now and beyond. Over the past few years, we have solidified our market leadership in the technological development of our products. Feintool maintains a presence in every market in which our customers conduct business.

Overview of Feintool’s e-mobility product range


Cutting technology for the drive technology of tomorrow

Electrolamination stamping technology from Feintool is synonymous with long-lasting functionality and convenient safety. When large quantities and maximum quality are required for demanding applications, our electrolamination components play a decisive role. As a specialist for electrolaminations and sheet stacks, we guide our customers from the initial idea to profitable series production, be it for smaller volumes or demand-driven large-scale production.

The perfectly harmonized processes consistently meet the most stringent requirements and guarantee optimum results – with zero tolerance for errors. Feintool’s vibrant culture of innovation creates the conditions that enable the company to cost-effectively manufacture even highly complex stacks.

«The punching process in high-volume production is a complex and high-precision mission that has a direct impact on the efficiency of an electric motor. Through our comprehensive range of products and services, we support our customers from their first contact with our company all the way through to delivery.» Steven Wystrach, Technician/Designer, Feintool Jessen


Key technology for the production of bipolar plates

The bipolar plate is the core of the fuel cell. Where other manufacturing processes reach their limits, our key technology of «FEINforming» lays the foundation for a new level of fuel cell drive efficiency. High-precision machining of extremely thin materials enables the production of low-volume, low-weight bipolar plates. This results in increased power density in the cell stack for long-range, compact vehicle drive systems.

«FEINforming» – a combination of our core competencies of fineblanking and forming – delivers all the properties that are of key importance to the future viability of the bipolar plate. This is how we are supporting the transformation to sustainable e-mobility with cutting-edge press and process expertise.

«A deep understanding of bipolar plate requirements coupled with extensive system engineering and tool making expertise: This is our recipe for success in achieving a new level of fuel cell drive efficiency.» Peter Roth, Product Manager, Feintool Lyss


A new dimension of fineblanking and FEINforming

The electrification of mobility means that production systems have to meet new requirements. The FB one series from Feintool marks a quantum leap in fineblanking technology. This press generation sets new standards in terms of performance, energy efficiency, speed, and repeat accuracy. We get the opportunity to cut more precisely, all while using less energy. The FB one series is Feintool’s technological answer to the challenges of the future.

«We have the basic conditions required to cost-effectively manufacture components of variable technologies for e-mobility in scalable quantities.» Knut Zimmer, CEO Feintool


We are a global technology company operating in the fields of fineblanking, forming, and e-sheet stamping with proven expertise. It is our mission to continuously expand technological horizons and develop intelligent solutions for our customers. We therefore create fineblanking systems with innovative tools and offer complete processes for high-precision fineblanked, formed, and electrolamination components. The company is specialized in the production of large quantities for demanding industrial applications.

Feintool was established in 1959 and has its headquarter in Lyss, Switzerland. With around 2,600 employees at 16 locations on three continents, we are always close to our customers