The Chairman of CTI SYMPOSIUM GERMANY about the event and topic plans for 2021

The road to carbon neutral power- and drivetrains – a balancing act between drive technologies and green energy carriers

The megatrends of the automotive industry over the next few decades are clearly defined. The hype regarding autonomous driving and mobility services has faded and almost only business case-oriented development is being carried out. However, the transformation process from conventional to electrified drive systems, in terms of e-mobility, is in full swing.

In the future the main energy sources have to shift from fossil energy to green electricity, hydrogen and eFuels, which need to be carbon neutral from cradle to grave. That means, in the complete vehicle life cycle, covering not only Tank-to-Wheel (TtW) as today, but also Well-to-Tank (WtT) as well as the production and recycling, the vehicle and its energy sources are required to reach net zero CO2 emissions. Legislation and automobile manufacturers will have to deal more and more with this challenge, in which the drive system plays the most important role.

The electrification has made drive systems more diverse and complex. A consolidation into a few simpler concepts is not yet in sight. Over time, batteries already have and will continue to decrease in cost and increase in energy density, leading to higher vehicle ranges and making BEVs more and more attractive. Nevertheless, HEV and PHEV drive systems with an ICE still have a long future ahead of them. The automotive industry with its electric vehicles has to become profitable without incentives at sufficient production volumes while being under pressure of stricter worldwide regulations and the ongoing pandemic.

Our 2021 CTI SYMPOSIUM in GERMANY will take these developments into account and address the following topics:

  • Market-specific constraints and impacts on drivetrain and transmission development
  • Energy carrier of future power- and drivetrain concepts
  • ICV, HEV, BEV, and FCEV drive concepts, including drivetrain topologies, transmissions, starting devices, mechanical and electrical components, energy storage devices
  • Powertrain integration and connectivity, safety and security, operating strategies, impact of automated driving on the drivetrain
  • Software development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, usage of big data
  • Oil, lubrication
  • Manufacturing technologies, production and lightweight design

The CTI SYMPOSIUM is intended for all system and components suppliers, manufacturers of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, engineering service providers and software developers, as well as energy companies and market specialists. We are looking forward to your presentation proposals for our 20th anniversary CTI SYMPOSIUM in Germany.

Best regards
Prof. Dr. Ferit Küçükay
Chairman of the Symposium

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