The role of TIER 1 suppliers in the transformation towards e-mobility

The role of TIER 1 suppliers in the transformation towards e-mobility

Dr Otmar Scharrer, Senior Vice President, Research & Development Electrified Powertrain Technology, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany

Plenary Speaker at CTI SYMPOSIUM USA on 9 September 2021, 10:10 AM EDT

The automotive industry is facing a tremendous transformation as the number of electric vehicles (EV) is increasing. However, this development comes along with challenges in terms of declining development times, challenging cost structures and very dynamic customer demands regarding driving experience differentiating propositions. How can a TIER 1 supplier overcome the listed hurdles and even boost the transformation? How will the EV-market further develop?

During his presentation Dr Scharrer will discuss the success factors like regulations, e-motor specs, charging infrastructure and demands for future series adaption of EVs. Based on the analysis he will describe the need of technical developments such as standardized, scalable and flexible module kits for e-motor and inverter technologies as well as the ability to upgrade modules during the product lifetime. – The main success factors to master shorter development cycles combined with decreasing prices.

But not only this: in addition he will explain why organizational changes and skilled workforces are needed to ensure high maturity of new products combined with shortened time-to-markets. Learn about organizational changes within ZF’s R&D, reskilling initiatives, the development of new technological modular kits and the impact on the transformation speed of the industry.

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