There is still a lot of work on the way to electrification!

There is still a lot of work on the way to electrification!

Interview with Ulf Herlin Product Group Head at Ricardo UK Ltd.

Electrification is a topic with many facets and there is still a long way to go until then. At the last CTI symposium in Berlin, we talked to Ulf Herlin of Ricardo and asked him how important events like the CTI Symposium are in this context.

Ulf Herlin: Looking back, we’ve never talked about electrification the way we do today. The topic is much more present than it was even just a year ago. But obviously you can see clearly here how many solutions there are, and of course you wonder what tomorrow’s solution will be like. But I must say you always get a fantastic overview here of what’s going on, and the networking is great.

CTI: I’m sure a lot has changed for your company, Ricardo, in recent years; the market is asking for new solutions. What impulses will you take back from Berlin? What can you learn strategically at an event like this one?

Herlin: We learn that there are still lots of unanswered questions – and, of course, lots of opportunities. And obviously I see great potential for a company like Ricardo, which actually operates in all the technology fields. Instead of just combining everything, you now have to master all the systems to achieve optimization. You can’t treat transmissions or engines as separate components any more – you really have to look at the whole vehicle if you want to develop good, new, cost-effective systems. At the moment I see everyone just adding extra features without asking what they could leave out, or perhaps combine in a better way. There’s still a lot of work to do there. Which is good for a company like Ricardo (laughs).