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Powertrain technical challenge under the electrification trend

"Don’t be fooled by some media" said Shemin Zhang, speaking of the future of internal combustion engines. Although China was tightening CO2 legislation in a similar way to Europe, Japan and the USA, internal combustion engines still make sense – at least in hybrid systems. By 2025, ICEs would still account for over 80 %…

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Audi’s first full electric premium SUV: e-tron

In Shanghai, Michael Schöffmann took a detailed look at the technology inside Audi’s e-tron 55 quattro. Maximum System power on the quattro 55 is 300 kW and continuous is 100 kW. Schöffmann distinguished between Peak Power and Boost Power: Boost Power (300 kW) lasts 8 s; Peak Power (265 kW, which Schöffmann says is enough…

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