Punch Powertrain launches E-Propulsion Technology Kit

Punch Powertrain launches E-Propulsion Technology Kit

Modular EV-solutions for sustainable mobility

Berlin, Tuesday, 30 November 2021 – During the yearly CTI Symposium in Berlin, Punch Powertrain launches its E-Propulsion Technology Kit, offering automobile producers an exceptionally wide range of e-drive configuration options. This approach enables customers globally to compose customized e-propulsion applications to meet their business and consumers’ needs.

The features in the E-Propulsion Technology Kit are a result of thorough product innovation, specifically in the field of sustainable powertrain technology. The kit consists of building blocks of an Electric Drive Unit (EDU): a transmission, electric motor and power electronics, which are highly scalable and modular, and can be applied by customers either separately or as part of an integrated system.

The ingenious integration of the building blocks delivers state of the art efficiency with optimized functionalities, weight, and costs. Such versatile and customer-oriented approach offers infinite customization possibilities.

In response to sustainability objectives, the global demand for electrically powered vehicles is rapidly increasing. Worldwide, governments are imposing regulations to guide the transition from traditional internal combustion engines towards electric engines. By 2035 most vehicles will be bound to be powered purely electrically or driven at least by a (plug-in) hybrid solution.

By offering seamlessly integrated combination options, Punch Powertrain is able to deliver solutions for a broad market and to vehicle manufacturing plants globally. The modular building blocks can be tailored to all types of electric vehicles in the automobile sector for both commercial and personal mobility purposes. Ranging from small vehicles such as passenger cars, SUVs or high-performance sports cars, to delivery vans, and even trucks, agricultural and industrial vehicles with a weight of up to 44 tonnes. By selecting the different ‘bricks’ to suit their demands in terms of transmission, e-motor, and inverter, clients can build a highly customized integrated drive system.

Punch Powertrain has a strong track record in designing and manufacturing automatic and hybrid transmissions, including integrated electric propulsion systems, and dedicated single speed transmission units. In addition, they have acquired vast expertise in the field of inverters. The fully in-house developed and integrated technologies are characterized by high efficiency, compactness, and top-level performance. The Punch Powertrain E-Propulsion Technology Kit is composed of cutting-edge technology sub-components such as highly scalable e-motors and associated power electronics that meet a broad specification range.

“By combining this extensive in-house transmission experience with EV technology, we are able to configure and size EDUs in a highly flexible and agile way, which positions us as a preferred partner to our customers”, says Sebastien Mazoyer, Head of Business Unit Electric Vehicles at Punch Powertrain. “This cutting-edge design process results in highly power dense, efficient and future-proof solutions that at the same time ensure a deeper level of integration between the e-motor, inverter and transmission. A feature that really differentiates Punch Powertrain’s E-Propulsion Technology Kit from other approaches”.

In addition to fully integrated propulsion solutions, Punch Powertrain also delivers transmissions and inverters as individual subsystems to automobile manufacturers who assemble their own e-drive systems.

About Punch Powertrain
Punch Powertrain nv is an independent global automotive supplier of innovative and energy efficient drivetrains. The company builds on 49 years of excellence in the development and production of world-class transmission technologies, offering continuously variable transmissions (CVTs), dual clutch transmissions (DCTs), as well as hybrid and electric drivetrains for car makers worldwide. Punch Powertrain is headquartered in Sint-Truiden, Belgium, and has close to 2,000 employees. The company operates five R&D centers and three manufacturing facilities in Europe and China. For more information visit www.punchpowertrain.com.

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