VALEO 6-in-1 eAxle

With the rapid growth and diversification of the electric vehicle market, there is a pressing need for light, compact, efficient, and cost competitive electric drive solutions able to be installed in a broad range of applications from low end to high end power.

One of the main challenges is to be able to tailor the x-in-1 integration level to the vehicle installation constraints keeping the power density, cost and efficiency at the best level. In line with Valeo CAP 50 strategy,  Valeo commitment to sustainability to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the other challenge here is to be able to cope with the CO₂ emissions and a full electronic integration could become a drawback when talking about remanufacturing and reparability.

Considering this, Valeo has engaged in the development of a new high voltage x-in-1 eAxle range based on a scalable and modular approach to cover peak power from 40 kW up to 300 kW. Valeo will present on his booth its new Valeo 6-in-1 eAxle .

This new Valeo eAxle scalable and modular architecture enables a high level of component integration (Inverter, On Board Charger, DCDC Converter, Power Distribution Unit) on both PMSM and EESM motor technology, along with UPIN stator, compatible with 400V and 800V SiC and IGBT. Power density has been a major focus during the development to reach up to 3,5 kW/kg at eAxle. Best in class for efficiency, power density and system cost competitiveness are the key success factors with this new Valeo eAxle line up.

With this innovative x-in-1 approach Valeo is able to propose a cost competitive eAxle able to cover a large range of worldwide markets. We are looking forward to seeing you on our Valeo booth B-6 !