Abstract: MAHLE’s contribution to the defossilization of the transport sector

Dr Jörg Stratmann, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO, MAHLE Group, Germany

The transport sector accounts for almost one quarter of the global annual CO2-emissions, therefore significant contributions are needed in order to meet the sector target. At the same time, however, it is out common goal to secure individual mobility. To reconcile the diverse mobility needs with the ambitious carbon neutrality targets, a broad variety of of technological solutions is required. By enabling the change towards non-fossile technologies and exploiting the potentials of all available powertrain technologies, MAHLE contributes substantially to defossilizing the transport sector.

We advocate a holistic approach to effectively reduce global CO2 emissions both in the transport sector and beyond. In order to ensure a sustainable contribution to the global reduction of CO2 emissions, all lifecycle CO2 emissions as well as cross-sectoral effects must be taken into consideration. We show that only an approach that encompasses a broad range of efficient powertrain technologies will ultimately allow us to achieve significant, cross-sectoral CO2 savings.